and the buck stops…

How a business engages in social media should be directly related to their social media policy. Just like any employment conditions, every business should have their engagement policy in social media documented.

This will this protect the employer and the employee. Everyone knows what is expected from them, how to engage and the consequences if they don’t comply. Blocking sites is one option, but in the age of social networking more harm can be done than good – it is really archaic. Educating staff is the best solution.

Where do I start? A social media policy needs to be in line with the business ethics and leadership. “Buy in” is needed from the most senior of management to every employee. At the end of the day the “buck stops” with the business owner/senior management so they should lead in the writing of the social media policy.

Social Media Policies take time to write and will constantly change as technology evolves. Often the best place to start is writing what you don’t want to happen.

Each business is different – so one model does not fit all. If you need help with your social media policies please feel free to contact me at