Know your boundaries. Knowing the rules of engagement

In social media you must know what content is appropriate. To keep your followers interested follow this list of etiquette.

Personal information. Keep personal information for your friends and family. Draw the line in the sand!

Create two different profiles if needed. Keep the two seperate.

Don’t post personal comments on your business sites. People don’t want to hear about your kids sport events on Saturday mornings. Keep “personal” personal and “Business” business Saying this you can promote yourself through your personal sites but just be aware of when “too much is enough”.

Business sites

Complete your business profiles as much as possible. Use real details – your name, your phone number and professional photos (avoid family snaps)

Don’t slander customers on social sites. if you wouldn’t say something to someone “face to face” don’t say it online. Once online it is visible forver.

Don’t connect with people you have never had any association with. If you want to be introduced go through a mutual contact. Or send a personal email. Say how you are connected or why you want to be in contact. LinkedIn is a great resource when used the right way.

I am always talking about content – but is important to create content, dont just share it.