Going into combat – two different ways of delivering your troops!

Like going to war, you need to think about the delivery mechanisms for your information. With this I don’t mean twitter, facebook or linkedin – I mean “how” can I get the customer to read or watch. How can I deliver my product information in a new and exciting way?

There was no “death by powerpoint” at a sales conference I presented at last week. Instead I used two relatively new ways of sharing information. First is xtranormal. “if you can type, you can make an animated video”. The response I received was worth the time invested. You can create the first animated video and share it for free – after that there is a small charge. It isn’t huge $$ so give it a go. My last blog has an example of xtranormal.

Second was Prezi. Online sharing and editing of presentations. Prezi takes a few minutes to get used to, so use the tutorials.

These new tools help deliver product training and allow you to share information in a new and varied way. Think about the information you want to share and how you can deliver it. The content that you deliver is essential. Make it concise and appropriate to the audience.

Variety is the spice of life!

Next blog: Another two…


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