Response and reputation strategy…… Part I – Harden up and dont take it personal

“Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to the error that counts.” Nikki Giovanni quotes (African-American Poet, b.1943)

How and when you respond is vital to any social media marketing strategy. Like in the real world – not everyone is going to like you. Harden up, take it on the chin and acknowledge your weaknesses.

I believe Marty Weibtraub summed up reputation management well in his publication “Nine Essential Tactics for Reputation Management in social media” I have summarised the article below.

Expect to make mistakes. “nothing ventured is nothing gained” and forgive yourself in advance for inevitable screw-ups. Social media is just that: social. Humans tend to be unpredictable, especially in groups. Not everyone is going to love you.

Do not lose your cool When rejected, it’s normal to feel hurt, anger, sadness, and even rage. Count to 350, wait until tomorrow, eat some comfort food, or find another way to chill out.

Fight fire with water, not fire. When some social media twit unfairly flames your company (or you personally), it’s tempting to nuke them. There’s very little comeback for the provocateur if his or her rant is met with the response, “Thank you for the insight. We appreciate you raising your concern.” Online or off, this approach is a timeless technique for dealing with angry customers.

“Dont upset the Natives” Respect the indigenous cultural and join in to preserve what’s best about the community. Give a hoot—don’t content pollute. Never spam.

Don’t bash the hornets’ nest (i.e., intentionally provoke).

Cast your ego aside. When you are attacked in social media and every fiber in your body wants to throttle someone because they’re so totally wrong, check your ego and take a breath. It doesn’t matter if your side “wins” if the flamers have already burnt your reputation down. It’s rather difficult to unring a bell.

So the key takeaways from this blog are: dont take it personal, think about what your response will be and save it, finally “once live it is live! – there is no going back”

Next Blog: Response and Reputation Strategy : The stages of war and how dangerous is the threat!


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