How to stay engaged in battle..

You know “how” to engage with your customers and “what” vehicles you are going to use. Now you need to work out the “when” .

Discipline is essential for social media activity. This article gives examples of scheduling.

What should you do:

1. Set achievable goals then write a plan – one plan does not suit everyone.
2. Work out how much time you have to monitor sites and to engage in activity.
3. Be realistic – it isnt going to happen in one day.
4. Be consistent. Dont disappear one day, then come back with a hiss and roar.
5. Bite off little chunks at a time – then it isnt so daunting.

When it just seems like a lot of work and you arent getting very far.. remember the little engine that could.

Social media marketing is about listening. Tools to monitor the sites are essential to your productivity. Here are two I have found useful… more will be introduced in further blogs.

Flipboard: Your social media magazine. This is available for the iPad and iPhone. Add all your social media sites to it and you can view them from one location.

Hootsuite: Your social media dashboard. For all platforms.

So the key messages for this week are plan, then be consistent with regular activity. Start monitoring what is being said about you. Next blog: “To answer? that is the question”


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