Right artillery wrong ammunition

Utilising the big guns (Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter) for business requires commitment, discipline and dedication. A soldier can’t go to war without the proper preparation and neither should you.

So how did I go about it? I worked on three key strategies:

Integration: vital to managing multiple social media sites. I checked out the tools to manage my communications.

Consistent messaging: I wrote down about 50 key words about my business, what we offer and also about myself. This standardized copy was used on all social media sites.

Content: Creating the SM sites is the easy thing. Make sure you have relevant, topical and regular content. I started writing what I am passionate about. It’s a lot easier to write about what interests you, then tailor it for your customer.

What was my war plan? Like my Facebook page and I will send you my Cheat sheet for SMM the actuals of how to.


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